Managing High Price For New Real Estate

Managing High Price For New Real Estate – Recently rumored the legendary singer Phil Collins bought a new home in Miami Beach, USA. This house was purchased for 33 million dollars, more than USD 439 billion, of Mark Gainor. Goinor is the owner Lucor Holdings, a financial services company and health insurance. This new home is owned Gainor in 2005. Previously owned homes actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez aka J-lo. Gainor bought it for 13.9 million dollars (USD 185 billion). The house is located less than 100 meters from the beach and scenic Biscayne Bay Miami’s urban landscape has seven bedrooms. Mediterranean style, this house was built in the 1920s. The building area of ​​1,125 m2 on a land of 4,000 m2. Before inhabited for seven years, Gainor renovating this house up to three years. Gainor retaining the original details of the exterior of the house, while the interior styled with contemporary european style.

Several sections later amended, the roof and the floor plan second floor room to get master bedroom area of ​​93 m2. Other significant enhancements is an elevator and a large koi fish pond in the middle of the park. Find your dream home at La Quinta Real Estate California right now. The house is also equipped with a 18-meter swimming pool, a spa tub, a coral stone deck and cabana and outdoor kitchen. Plus a personal Dramaga that can accommodate several small boats. Not only the building Yag reorganized, the landscape is processed such that occupants privacy is maintained. And this is one of the reasons Collins interested in this house which is planned to be frequently inhabited, when to visit her son who lives in Florida. The former Genesis vocalist also had a house in New York.

No footprint in the most famous city center throughout the universe except the former site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) New York, USA. Following the terrorist acts that destroyed the two towers that in 2001, the government of the city of New York to make plans rejuvenation site and surrounding neighborhood became the most famous business center. In addition to the museum and commemorate these events, here will be built five new buildings with a label World Trade Center (WTC).

Managing High Price For New Real Estate. The first building labeled One World Trade Tower has stood up and become the tallest building in New York. Next 2 WTC building which has just launched a new design by WTC developer -NY. Called the latest design, because the building was previously a similar design diamond pieces, four side was designed by Norman Foster. By architect Bjarke Ingels, 2 WTC was designed like a pile of seven boxes arranged in a pattern to form a terracing, where part of the terrace was designed as a green area. Ingels designed the 80-story tall building with a unique composition, the smaller the upward direction. Terraces obtained from the composition to form a garden area of ​​3,500 m2 which will be planted with lush trees.

Changes in the design of tall buildings 408 meters, the second tallest building in the WTC site, in order to meet the demand for space filler two main candidates for the building. According to Larry Silverstein, they are a big media company 21st Century Fox Inc. and News Corp. “We introduced this building as a home among Tribeda and the WTC,” Ingles said in a revelation through Silverstein. From the direction of Tribeca, the area covered by the loft and gardens on the roof, the building was like a vertical village is in a building, which are interrelated and creating parks and plazas in the sky. Meanwhile, from the WTC, this building became an inseparable unity with the other buildings in the WTC, thus forming tall columns that frame the 9/11 Memorial. “Horizontal met with the vertical. Diversity into unity, “said Ingels philosophize.

Certainty two media company owned by Rupert Murdoch had been obtained in early June. The two companies that will make the two WTC as its headquarters. They will move increasingly mengukukuhkan Lower Manhattan area as a media center. This is a great deal regarding with Del Sur Real Estate San Diego. Previous here already Conde Nast at 1 World Trade Center, and Time Inc. and HarperCollins Publishers, one unit of News Corp. in a building near WTC. According to Mary Ann Tighe, chief executive officer of CBRE Group Inc. which handles a move the two companies, following after the father and son, Rupert and James Murdoch visited the new office HarperCollins. Managing High Price For New Real Estate. In addition the company is building will also be filled by a law firm and the accountants.

Changes in the design of the building that has the support of Daniel Libeskind, the architect who designed the master plan for the WTC complex which has an area of ​​6.5 ha, a decade ago. Libeskind also encourage developers to change the team of architects this complex 2 WTC buildings. “The design is suitable for the conditions of time a decade ago. Now everything has changed, the consumer is changing and it is common in the community, “said Libeskind, giving the reason of the change.

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